attics and roofing

A roof receives the greatest physical punishment of a building. Despite this, a properly construction and maintained roof will endure for many years. Much if the damage associated with roofs is normally the consequence of improper design and/or construction, or lack of maintenance. A roofing investigation is to determine which one of the preceding was the most significant contributor.

In residential roof applications attics exist in a preponderance of construction. In the very cold regions of the country, attic ventilation is necessary to preclude microbial defacement on the attic side of the roof sheathing. Many roofs in these cold environments fail as a consequence of improper attic ventilation, inadequate or no draft-stopping of warm, moist air from the habitable space and inadequate insulation.

Also, the installation of ice protection membrane in many instances is not code compliant and is a major contributor to water intrusion, microbial defacement and damage to the habitable space.

An evaluation of roof failures by JPC experts will address:

  • Was the ice protection installed in compliance with code?
  • What area of the attic, roof or drainage component failed?
  • What other deficiencies contributed to the failure?
  • How can the failure be corrected and at what cost?